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I just finished installing the thermoquad you rebuilt for me. It runs better than it ever did. I sold this truck, new as a dealer in 1979. It was difficult to run and had very poor performance. When I bought the lil red express back this July of this year it only had 49000 miles. It ran very bad and worse after it was hot. Hard starting ,leaking internally and backfiring. I guess 38 years takes it's toll on it. After installing it, it started without a fault and ran flawless. Everything was right on including cold idle and warm running idle.
Excellent work
Great Job

-Chuck Kozler

Hey Guys! Just thought I'd drop you a line and let you know how I made out. First let me say this, Nice Product! The only modification I had to make was to add another mounting bracket to the base to shift it away from my carb, once I did that, everything lined right up, I wired it up, made some adjustments and it works like a charm! Thank you for your help with this choke and My Wife and I would like to wish you and your Techs a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year! Thanks again!


Hello! Thank you for that faster than fast service. Just got my kit today. A perfect Florida warm and sunny day to rebuild that carb. Thanks for the Lemon Head. The parts are top quality, and I expect to start my 1964 Mercury Comet later today. Again, thanks the great deal and VERY fast delivery!

-Tim & Susan Johns Port Orange, FL

You Guys are the greatest!!! Got the Q Jet Carb that I ordered back and it ran just as good as it looked. I have been doing these old Chevys for over 25 years and I can say that I have never been so satisfied with a company for service, price and just a personal experience as I have been with you guys. Melissa you are the greatest and your tech team is second to none. I’m 71 years old and as long as I can still turn a wrench I will be doing old Chevy’s and you will be the one I will come to for my carb work. I will for sure recommend you to all my car buddies and pass out your cards. Thanks again

-Danny Monetti, Mt. Juliet, TN

It's my birthday and your t-shirt arrived today, thank you very much. It was beautifully packed and I'll be happy to wear it when I'm at the American Auto Club meetings at Krispy Kreme doughnut (Manchester, UK).
Have a lovely day,

-John Edwards

A few months back I ordered and received a carb kit for a 1952 Chevrolet from you to send to Cuba. The kit was delivered to them by family and installed with in the hour. Riding around Cuba in the car with everyone was a delightful experience for all involved. Everybody thanks you for the quick shipment to me. Thanks for your help in this matter.

-Al Audette, Cincinnati, OH

Just to let you know that the AFB baby is back and already located on the engine!
I'm a member of a local historic car club and have taken the restored carb to the recent monthly meeting.
The reaction of my club buddies was really great! Everybody (me inclusive) was impressed regarding the craftsmanship of your shop and the beauty and finish of the carb.
I have provided the few US car owners at the meeting with your business cards I have received….
Best regards and thanks.

-Olaf, Germany

Hey Carb Junky's - Your carbs are the best...helped me finished 3rd in points at Big Diamond Speedway ...and let me have the power when I needed in the turns...keep up the good work...

-Jamie Natfzinger, Pennsylvania

You guys...and gals are awesome, it looks great

-Atlanta Auto Restoration, Georgia

Carb Junkys are now working on the 8th carburetor I’ve sent them to rebuild. They’ve rebuilt everything from Rolls-Royce to Ford carbs for me and I’m delighted with them.

-Bob Shaffner, Pennsylvania

....It has been my great pleasure working with you both. Your efforts for complete customer care and service have been and continue to be OUTSTANDING!!
Many a company in this country could learn from you. My wife and I are looking at three more of these old Ford project trucks and two of the three need carbs. One caught fire and one is missing it's carb completely. Hum..... where will I ever find new carbs for these old fords?? Hum.....??

Thank you both very much!!

-Mark, Arizona

Thank you very much.
You guys did a great job, very quick and professional and what a great customer service.

-Erwin, Georgia

I received the carburetor and I have more horsepower on my car and that works. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much very fast answer with very fast sending. I have a lot to like working with you and I shall speak about you to my friends.
Thank you still,

-Thierry, Avignon France

I bought a rebuilt Quadrajet from you several weeks ago. I needed a carburetor for my 68 GTO that would look stock but support 500 horsepower. The carburetor looked absolutely perfect...but it ran even better! We ran the engine on the Dyno today and it made 506 horsepower and 560 ft/Lbs. torque! The mixtures were perfect, we didn't have to do anything to the carb at all, and the throttle response is very crisp. Thanks for meeting and exceeding my expectations! You have a top notch organization and I'll be back every time I need a carb.

-Brandon, Atlanta

I want to thank you and say that your service has been excellent! As I went through my learning process relative to my boat motor you were very helpful. Few companies today demonstrate this type of exceptional customer service. Thank you very much.

-Rich, New York

I received the carburetor yesterday. And I just wanted to say thank you so very much for all the hard work you guys have done for me. I really love the complete product. It looks great! Excellent professional job! I am so happy that I called in on that original question that I had about my 7040253 carb and it lead me to this. Sometimes in life things happen for a reason. I will always brag about you guys and advertise at shows in Chicago and if you want future customers to talk to previous customers. Well I'd be honored to do so. I can't begin to tell you, just don't get service like this anymore. This was certainly a very comfortable experience threw the whole process from start to finish. I just can't thank you enough. And when the time comes I will certainly have you rebuild my 7040253.

-Sam, Chicago

I bought a vacuum choke pull off for my '79 Malibu Rochester Quadrajet. I couldn't find the right parts for my carb, but thanks to the help of Carb Junkys I found all the info I needed. I received the vacuum pull very nicely packaged here in Holland. I'm planning to rebuild my carb and there is no doubt, I will buy my rebuild kit @ Carb Junkys.
Thanks you guys!

-Dwight, The Netherlands (Holland)

I bought my Q-Jet (non-feedback style) for my 85 truck (305 Cubic inches) several months ago. I just installed it and started up the truck today. Not only does the carb look great, it works better than a new piece. I only had to adjust the idle about 1/8 turn when I put the truck in gear. I would give you an A+ for the work you did. I have given your cards to several other people that need carburetor work. Thank you for the great job.

-George, Virginia

I had to adjust the idle screw only slightly (Marine Carburetor), and it purrs like a kitten. It idles smooth @500RPM and it's never done that.


-Tim, Georgia

Hey Guys:

I have been a bit busy and finally found some time to install the original factory carb you guys rebuilt for my 65 Chevy Impala SS. This is the third carb you have rebuilt for my Chevy collection. I installed it and the car cranked right up with no problems. I made some minor adjustments to the timing, the carb mixture, took it out for a test ride and just like the previous two rebuilds on my other cars all I can say is ---SWEET! This Impala has 10K original miles and the previous owner replaced this original carb with a rebuilt carb. When reinstalled and tried the original carb the car would not run right so I sent it to you guys for analysis and any necessary surgery. You worked your magic and like I said the car runs just like brand new maybe better.

Thanks again.

-Roger, Georgia

The carburetor has arrived in Nice yesterday afternoon! It looks great and I am very impatient to fix it in the Buick.

Thanks a million again for your dedication and your professionalism.


-Thierry, Nice, France

YOU HAVE ALL OF MY BUSINESS AND I TELL ALL MY CAR FRIENDS WHERE TO PURCHASE A REBUILT CARB. I'm sure that there are some companies out there that still take pride in there work but Carb Junkys are somewhere at the top of the list. From the time I spoke to Mellissa and Jim to the time I fired up my 72 Chevelle BB I knew I was dealing with a company that was here to stay. Jim gave me some tips such as plugging up the 7/16 holes under the carb base gasket on the intake manifold that sent heated exhaust to the carb to warm it up. This might work in Alaska but here in Pittsburgh, Pa. boiling fuel is not so good. I called them numerous times for technical advice and Jim dropped everything to take the time to answer them even if it didn't pertain to the carb. After installing my QJET with an electric choke I turned the key once and it fired up; something I'm not used to because I had no choke. After warming up I made a couple minor adjustments and she smoothed out better then it ever did. FLAT SPOT GONE AND TOP END BAD TO THE BONE. It's a shame to hide the carb with the air cleaner. I know I'm going on and on but when you order that carb from them you will understand. I wish the best of luck to both of you.

-Frank, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Hello Melissa,
I received the replacement part today and I am very sad ...
In fact, I will have not the opportunity to discuss with you any more
because everything is perfect:
  - Carburettor
  - Price
  - Shipment to France
  - Aftersales
  - And especially communications! So great and the most important!
I think I just have one thing to do: buy another US car without
carburetor for the pleasure to order a new one from you.
Thank you Melissa and Carb Junky's.

Bonjour Melissa,
J’ai reçu la pièce de remplacement aujourd’hui et je suis très triste…
En effet, je n’aurai plus l’occasion de discuter avec vous car tout est
parfait :
  - le carburateur
  - le prix
  - le délai d'expédition vers la France
  - le service après vente
  - et surtout la communication ! si parfaite, ce qui est le plus
Je crois qu’il ne me reste plus qu’une chose à faire : acheter une
autre voiture américaine sans carburateur pour avoir le plaisir de vous
en commander un nouveau.
Merci Melissa and Carb Junky's.

-Jean-Jacques, Picardie, France

Yesterday, I received my carburetor that you rebuilt for my El Camino.
I installed back on the El Camino today and made a few adjustments to get it to idle correctly. Readjusted my timing, readjusted the dwell and set the carb with my vacuum gauge. I was, as we had discussed, having a problem getting the car to idle properly with the A/C on so I turned on the A/C and made a few more minor adjustments and it purred like a kitten.
Then I took it out for a road test and all I can say is SWEET! The El Camino has never run this good, flat spot I had- GONE, lots of get up and GO and idles perfect with the A/C on or off.
You have helped me with the carburetion on my 68 Impala, which also runs great, and now my El Camino. I have a 65 Impala that I will be working on next and you will definitely rebuild the original carburetor when I get to it.
I have recommended you to several of my car guy buddies and I can't say enough about your quality of service.
Sincerely and thanks again,

-Roger, Georgia

I just got home from work - and the carb was here.
Please tell Jim it is simply GORGEOUS! VERY nice work - and I saw this as something of a perfectionist myself..
I have another 105 series 30 PICT-1 for my own bus, and will send it to you to work over in the near future.
Thanks again for the quick turnaround and the great work! I'll definitely pass your name on to my friends who share my old car habits.

-Brent, Colorado

It was very well packaged (perhaps the best wrapping job on any part I have ever purchased)..
The carb looks absolutely beautiful and I look forward to installing it.
I am delighted with your merchandise, service and follow up and would highly recommend Carb Junky's to others.

-Ray, Victoria

Just wanted to take a moment to write and thank you both for helping me through getting my '86 Toyota Pickup back up and running.

Once we determined that it was the carburetor that was the root of my problems, trying to find someone willing and able to do a rebuild is next to impossible, nobody wants to take on such a complex task. I will always thank my lucky stars for leading me to you both.

Your friendly and informative service was just what the doctor ordered and I can't tell you how much it meant to me to be able to talk directly to Jim who took the time to explain just what had happened and why and what I needed to do to keep it running smoothly in future.

The truck is running like a Ferrari, I had forgotten just how nice it is to have it start immediately without having to "nurse" it along and keep it going until it "warmed" up, which used to take up to 15-20 minutes before the rebuild. Now it's one turn of the key, and I'm off. FABULOUS ! !

And Melissa always being so cheerful and friendly on the phone and accommodating to the point where I felt guilty. She made a special trip to meet me at my commuter train to make sure I got the carb back in time to install it and get my truck registered for this year. WOW ! Where do you see customer service like that anymore.

So please keep it up. We really need people like you two in the world to remind us how doing business in America can and should be.

My gratitude forever.

-Phil, Georgia

The carb came and I want to thank you so much you. You guys are great.

-Danny, Tennessee

My package just came in and as always, I'm very happy. Jim did a fantastic job on everything but why would it be anything but fantastic. I only wish I was a larger customer because I like this carb stuff, it's fun. I can assure you that I will send you any future work or friends work that I can muster up. I know lots of people in the car show circuit that will see your fine quality work, they will need this type of work at some point. I appreciate the personal touch that you add to the already great service work that Jim does....

-Wayne, Texas

I got the carb about 2:30 today . It looks absolutely great. Jim is a craftsman....great job. I installed it and after making adjustments to the idle , it performs super......

-John, Ohio

All I can say is WOW! This carb is a work of art.

-Jose, Puerto Rico

Thank you very much for great follow-up. We really appreciate your prompt information and fast service. Will be back with more orders for sure.

-Kjell, Norway

Another great carburetor! Thanks for the consistently good service. My boat is purring like a kitten since the addition of your carb. We will be sending you more.


-Ernie, South Carolina

Received carbs on Friday. Very well packaged & they look absolutley awesome. THANKS very much for the excellent service & communication. I will definately put you guys on my five star list.


-Bernie, Ontario

Thanks for your great service and great running VW 30 PICT1 Carb. I won 1st place in 1967-1979 stock bug, Orlando Show and shine bug meet.

-Bob, Florida

I received the carb today. Wow! It looks like new. Thank you so much.

-Philip, Indiana

I wanted to let you know we received the carb today and it looks fantastic! Your workmanship is top shelf. Dan is very excited and can't wait to bolt it on his car.... Dan will be contacting you both directly, but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so much. This means a lot to both of us....and trust me we are very, very appreciative. It is rare in these times to do business with folks that are as thoughtful and generous.....

Thanks again and we look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

-Paul, New England

I just wanted to take the time to properly thank you for helping me get my 64 VW Beetle back on the road so fast. The carburetor arrived today, I installed it, made minor adjustments and it made my Bug feel new again. This is the third carburetor I've purchased in 3 years and none have come close to this quality. To tell the truth, none of the others worked out of the box this well. You and Jim have a fantastic service at a very reasonable price. Keep up the good work . . .

Thank you very much.

-Joe, California

The carb is great. Thanks.

-Chris P., Illinois

I just want to take some time out to thank you and your staff of how great of a service you have. Your company has helped me a great deal on restoring my 1957 Chevrolet BelAir Hardtop carburetor. I was very impressed on how helpful, friendly, and illuminative your staff is. I just want to take a moment or two to express my indefinite gratitude to two members of your company; Jim and Melissa. They spent a great deal of time with me, and were very helpful in the process of executing some of the problems I had with my old carburetor in my `57. Jim did an excellent job rebuilding my carburetor, and also spent an excessive amount of time with me over the telephone. He explained to me how to rebuild another carburetor I had, and his intellect brought forth a great deal of accomplishment for me in fixing the old carburetor.

Thank you!

-Terry, Michigan

The quality of Jim's work stands in a class far above any carb restoration shops doing the same type work. I have sent several jobs to him and I was blown away when I opened the box each time. Not only do you get the quality but also a personal touch from Melissa as well. These two guys make you feel like a special customer, not just another number. If you take your carb jobs( no job too small) anywhere else, you missed a chance at quality workmanship from two people that truly care about what they do. I love these guys!

-Wayne K., Texas

The carbs got here today and they look just SUPER. I am so happy with everything about your professionalism, knowledge, communication, and work. I will be doing my best to spread the work about "Carb Junkys".

Thank you for all you do.

-Ron, Pennsylvania

The carb arrived yesterday and I opened it up last night. I cannot believe that this is the same carb...HOLY COW!! I cannot thank you and Jim enough. Awesome work, awesome people, thank you so much. You have set the standard of excellence that I shall try to maintain throughout the entire vehicle restoration.

-Steve H., New York

I just wanted to say how very pleased I am with its function and the quality of the restoration. I friend of mine stopped over during the install. He was really in aw at the hit and finish of it. He also commented on how smooth the engine ran after installing this carburetor.

Again, thank you for this fine quality work.

-Steve A., Oregon

I needed to have my original Hemi carbs reconditioned - every place I checked wanted 0ver $600.00 to do the job - Carb Junkys price was $370.00 including shipping - for both carbs - and they look fantastic - ask for Jim and tell him that you heard about it on Moparts

-Rudy, Illinois

This is in response to your kindness and friendliness. The one I purchased from you is working great. Thanks.

Thanks for the good service and fair handling of the shipping costs.

-Terry, Hawaii


-Roger, New York

It looks FANTASTIC!!!! Tell Jim he did one hellva’ job. I appreciate all his time and concern on the Carb. I really appreciate ALL of the work you two put into this project. Jim’s time on the Carb and on the phone with me and all of your e-mail time Melissa, THANK-YOU both!

-Marty, Chicago

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